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Frantic Fun with NEW Neuron Race from SAM Leisure

neuron-race-speed-reflex-ticket-redemption-game-playfield-kriss-sportNeuron Race – An addictive new game where players compete against each other to hit the buttons as they light on the futuristic playfield. a point for hitting it when lit, minus a point if you’re too slow! Small footprint so suitable for a wide variety of locations, pubs, clubs, arcades, bowls and entertainment centres, especially stunning in dark environments.


Programmable for a wide range of game periods, difficulty and volume. Perfect redemption machine. Great attraction, quick games, low maintenance, coin, note acceptor and swipe card ready.


Size and Weight

  • Width: 127cm / 50’’
  • Depth: 79cm / 31’’
  • Height: 87cm / 34’’
  • Weight: 78kg / 155lbs

SNOWBOARD the new air hockey from SAM.

  • The bright, vibrant colours with internal illumination, the high overhead scorer and bold side protection maximise customer attraction.
  • The curved surface turns it into a completely new game thanks to the unpredictable movement of the puck.
  • Maximum fun for Maximum revenue from Europe’s favourite air hockey manufacturer.
  • Suitable for outdoor use and available with redemption or card reader facility.


External size                            1,25 x 2,35 x 0,80cm

Playfield                                  1,10 x 2,20cm  

Packaged dimensions              1,40 x 2,40 x 0,45cm

Gross Weight                           215kg