SAM’s Neuron Race raises money for Rays of Sunshine at ACOS

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgSAM Leisure’s latest redemption light-stopping table was pressed into service during the Autumn Coin-op Show as an ideal money raising machine for BACTA’s official charity Rays of Sunshine.

SAM’s Gary Drage and Liam Barrett kindly lent the BACTA ladies (pictured with Coin-op Community Editor Steph) the tables within the exhibition hall and also during the evening event at the Under the Bridge nightclub.

“We are really pleased to be able to support such a worthy charity and it’s great that so many people have enjoyed playing the game,” said SAM’s Liam Barrett, who proved to be hard to beat during the show.

“Many, many thanks to SAM for their kindness in lending the games to us,” said Pru Kemball from BACTA. “It was a huge success and we will announce just how much money was raised and who won the prizes in the next few days.” SAM Leisure also kindly donated some cues as prizes and BACTA offered two bottles of champagne for the highest scores during the show.


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