All information based on Sam Leisures products can be found here to help you make the right choice. All information provided is impartial and is a guide for quality and enduring products.

Customer Buying Guide

American pool is not about serious players, but casual players and passing trade. In the correct location with sufficient footfall greater income will result simply because of the wider appeal and speed of the game.

Finish Guide

Sam Leisures Guide to making the right choice for your venue. Wood Finishes, Formicas and Cloths to suite your surroundings with the highest quality of materials.

Design And Build

Sam Leisure tells the secret of its success is the precision engineered, solid steel frame lurking under its fancy Formica skirts.

Care Of Table Guide

In premium pool sites, keeping the table and accessories up to scratch is vital. If the table looks good players will be attracted to it.

History Of Pool

English pool was conceived as a public bar game. As such, after its phenomenal growth through the 70’s and 80’s, a change in image was required.

Game Rules

It should be clearly understood that the referee is the sole judge of what is fair and unfair play. The referee shall take whatever action is necessary to ensure that these rules are observed.