7′ SETAX Cloth Pack Purple Atlas Magno and Bison Tables



A cloth pack with velcro anchors for 7ft SAM Magno and Bison American pool tables.

High quality speed cloth with a high polyester content to please the skilled players. Densely woven with thin threads. expertly finished to achieve a low gloss and  great consistency for a fast, competition standard game. The high polyester content makes this cloth particularly resistant to nicks and cuts.

45% wool, 55% polyester, 390g/m2

SAM’s revolutionary SETAX clothing system makes bedcloth changing a quick and easy task.

SETAX bedcloths have Velcro stitched into their edges to fix to Velcro glued onto SAM slates.

No glue, no mess, no fumes and the cloth can be repositioned as many times as required to ensure an accurate fit. For hinged top tables the slate need only be lifted on its supports and not removed from the table.


Before ordering your SETAX cloth pack, ensure your slate still has the velcro anchors attached. If not, replacement sets can be ordered.

SETAX bedcloths are tailored to fit specific slate sizes. Ensure you order the correct size by checking our table slate size guide.

Follow our recloth guide and do not overstretch the cloths. SETAX bedcloths do not need to be stretched as tightly as a glued cloth and should only be secured on the slate edges, not underneath.

SAM cushions are re-covered in the traditional manner with staples, so SETAX packs include a set of cushion strips. For tables with detachable cushions, replacement sets can be supplied ready clothed, on application.

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