Advantage Pool & Snooker Glove – Black – Medium


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With it’s simple design, lightweight fabric and Velcro strap the Advantage range of pool/snooker gloves are becoming an essential item amongst budding players. This glove will offer so many tangible benefits to your game; you will wonder how you ever played with out one.

  • No need to use powder again (which enables you to keep cloths and tables clean).
  • No more issues with clammy or sweaty hands.
  • No more need to worry about sticky or greasy cue shafts
  • No more jittery strokes.

These gloves are proven to allow the cue to slide more smoothly as the material has a far more consistent and offers a lower level of friction than your flesh. The cue condition, age, chalk dust, temperature, sweat, dirt, grease all compound to make the idea of sliding a cue shaft against the skin of your bridging hand an almost impossible task, if you are aiming for improved consistency and to improve your game then this quality glove is a must.

Black Glove – Ideal for both left and right handed players.