Bison 8ft American Pool Table

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Strikingly contemporary American pool in a huge range of standard and custom formicas from woodgrains to abstracts. The Bison incorporates all the tried and tested qualities of the SAM tables that have outsold all others across the commercial sector, in a fresh, new 21st century style.

American Pool is the universal game played the world over. Big 57mm balls and big pockets make this a potting game. The Professional circuit carries big prize money but essentially it is a fun game accessible to all. American pool tables use a fast, nylon blend cloth and the ball to pocket ratio makes blocking difficult. Ideal for home family use and general leisure venues like bowling centres, amusement parks and sports bars.

The Bison is available in a range of cloth & cabinet colours

ProActive Cushion system

proactive1ProActive Cushion system – SAM Pool tables feature totally aluminium extruded top frames. All top frame components are bolted metal to metal reducing movement and wear, and the frame fits more accurately to the cabinet. The real genius of the ProActive system is in the cushion fit. Cushions are profiled to match the aluminium top and secured by a full length plate. Standard 10mm bolts fit snugly into the extrusion and give consistent cushion response along the whole length. The simple fitting routine needs no special tools.

The cushion can never be fitted at the wrong height dispensing with the need for metal cushion strips that are unsightly and disturb the players’ bridging action. Top players have likened the ball response achieved to that of a steel block snooker table. ProActive cushions provide the most accurate and consistent cushion response ever achieved on any single piece slate pool table and will delight seasoned players of UK 8 ball and 9 ball American pool devotees.

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Ply Cabinet

Plywood construction gives SAM tables great strength and durability, without excess weight. Less susceptible to damp conditions, easier to repair when damaged and harder wearing at joints and fixings than the more commonly used MDF.

Slate Bed

setax3There is no substitute for slate when it comes to a level playing field. A natural material hewn from the great mountain ranges of the world, diamond honed to perfection by SAM, stored and prepared in just the right environment to ensure perfect level when installed.

Easy Level

SAM tables are a piece of cake to level with just a 13mm open ended spanner. No lifting of the table required at all so no help required and greater accuracy can be achieved with your spirit level.

Cushioned Ball Return

Champion table feature carpeted internal ball runs to reduce the noise as ball return to the baulk end exit box.


TableExterior DimensionsSlate DimensionsSlate ThicknessTotal Weight
6ft210cm x 120cm180cm x 90cm20mm (1piece)250kg
7ft230cm x 130cm200cm x 100cm20mm (1 piece)280kg
8ft254cm x 127cm224cm x 112cm20mm (1 piece)360kg
9ft284cm x 157cm254cm x 127cm20mm (1 piece)412kg

Top Frame/Slate options

Sports/Commercial – the top frame is hinged for ease of access to the slate and table interior for maintenance and reclothing. Catches are located on either side of every pocket to ensure a secure playing surface and accurate cushion response.

Professional/Champion – the top frame is secured by bolts to the slate for the most consistent and accurate playfield and cushion response.

SAM coin operated pool tables are proven high revenue earners. Stunning style and truly professional playing standards will attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

But its inside where the real innovation and quality shines through. SAM’s electronic systems ensure fast return on investment, long site life and low maintenance costs.

AccuVend is unique to SAM electronic tables, eliminating last ball retention. Don’t underestimate the effects of a pool table only partially vending the balls. Vandalism, refunds to players, extra work for staff and dissatisfaction all round. That affects income and ultimately the viability of the table in the venue. By allowing the player to re-vend the balls if there is still one in the tray, SAM AccuVend keeps everyone happy and the revenue rolling in.

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Standard Electronic – Samik 4 provides multicoin acceptance, AccuVend, play for game or for time period, and token play using the SAM Token. Great for promotions and league nights ensuring free games can be properly controlled and accounted for.

TriBand – Samik 3 provides the same options as the standard system but with a programmable variable price schedule, enabling game, time and freeplay options across daily and weekly time zones. Tailor the price of play to suit the trading week with discounted or free pool at slow times to encourage footfall and wet sales, premium pricing at peak times when price of play is less sensitive.

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You may notice few other tweaks on SAM tables that make the operators life easier, save money and lengthen site life.

  • The top frame lifts back on a gas strut for added safety.
  • Setax bedcloths, Velcro fit cloths that mean that with a new set of covered ProActive cushions one engineer, with no specialist clothing experience, can recloth a table on their own in a fraction of the time a traditional recloth takes. Read more…
  • The pocket liners are long lasting, tough moulded vinyl, screwed in place, not pinned. The aluminium top rail is bolted together to reduce movement and wear.
  • No less than 12 top frame clamps secure the top delivering great security and an even playing field. The steel cash door is separate to the ball door restricting staff access and providing greater security. Optional steel plate over doors and chrome security bars are available.
  • Mechanical coin meters are complemented by non-resettable meters on both electronic MPUs for double checks on cash collections.
  • SAM ball doors are secured by a single key, no need for two keys and a metre of chain in every engineer’s pocket!

Add all that to ProActive cushions, easy levelling feet and extensive use of plywood and you’ll just feel the quality and experience ooze from a SAM table. Not a redesign of coin operated table of the past but a total rethink on how to make a table attractive to players and profitable for operators, year, after year, after year.

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