Economy Pool Glove – Black – ONE SIZE


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The Economy Pool Glove aims to provide a smooth material barrier between the cue shaft and your skin. Please note that the Economy glove is an entry level glove. We find that when it comes to gloves it is well worth spending a little more to get something that will positively enhance your game, fit correctly and look the business.

Gloves are widely used by pool and snooker players and finding the right glove is important. Most golfers use high quality standard gloves and for very good reasons. This should be the case when choosing a pool glove. The right material, style and design can offer you so many benefits from a smoother stroke and confidence through a professional look and feel.

With the Economy Glove you may experience some of the advantages gloves will offer to your game such as reduced friction and the removing of some variables like clammy hands and having a greasy cue. This really is a value for money item.

 Black Glove – Ideal for both left and right handed players.