Palam Trolley – Heavy Duty & User Friendly


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This trolley, manufactured by Sam, is designed to allow you to move a slate bed table safely and easily. Move the trolley under the table, pump it up and you have a stable, secure means of moving the table.

Sam are manufacturers of exceptional quality pool tables, and so you can rest easy knowing that your table is in the hands of the experts. The trolley is suitable for tables up to 8 feet in length, and will lift up to 350kg. Once jacked up, you can move your table single-handedly from one location to another, meaning there’s no longer any need to bribe your mates into helping you carry it!

This trolley has long leverage to minimise effort, and the lever is removable for security. When not in use, it has a discreet size so as not to take up too much storage space, and the heavy duty wheels ensure it will roll your table wherever you need it without damaging or marking your floor.