True antique French billiards style is captured perfectly in the ‘Rochevilaine’.

Lovers of manor houses, castles, and grand mansions from the past, this pool table is made for you. A refined style that combines modernity and respect for tradition.

Sober and imposing this statement piece of furniture will enhance any traditional games room. Crafted with it’s bold, solid Walnut cabinet over the striking, bulbous solid Walnut turned and polished legs.

The unique iron slate frame supports the precision ground slate to ensure a lifetime’s trueness. The solid Walnut top rail is bolted to the slate to ensure the most perfect and consistent rebound and playing characteristics.

The cabinet externals are kept smooth, truly enhancing the furniture style of this authentic bygone era. Get a French antique billiards style table for that classicly refined look.

Design your own dining / pool / snooker table with our configurator

If you are looking for a quality dining table with a difference, we are pleased to offer our configurator.

With this free online design software, you can create the perfect table to fit into your interior design scheme.

All the tables in the Toulet range can be configured to your specifications. Colours, sizes and materials can all be selected and viewed in a variety of settings online, before sending us your order.

It's a great way to personalise your pool table and create the perfect design for you.


English Pool – exterior 206cm x 116cm, playing area 180cm x 90cm

Carom – exterior 216cm x 121cm, playing area 190cm x 95cm

American Pool – exterior 216cm x 121cm, playing area 190cm x 95cm

3/4 Snooker – exterior 280cm x 153cm, playing area 254cm x 127cm

Available in Pool, Snooker, Carom and English pool versions.

SIZE: 6ft / 7ft / 7.2ft/ 8ft / 8.5ft / 9.2ft / 10ft


SLATE: monobloc 19mm 6ft / 7ft

30mm on 8ft and 9ft 3pc

50mm on 10ft and 12ft 3pc

WOOD COLOURS: of your choice

CLOTH COLOUR: of your choice

UNDERFRAME: patented metal support frame with lifetime warranty

CABINET WORK: solid Walnut

Standard Solid Walnut finishes

Renaissance, Emperor, & Luxury

Emperor, & Rochevilaine


Standard cloth choices

Elite Pro Cloth

Elite Pro


Accessories & Delivery

Accessories and Delivery, what’s included and what’s not.
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